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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meathead to the Rescue?

Well, I just don't know what to think about this, fellas.  God knows I spent a lot of years waiting for a knight in shining armor to come riding along, before I figured out I had to be my own knight.  But somehow I just never imagined he would look anything like . . . Rob Reiner?

I'll admit that it makes me just a tiny bit leery of what's going on; because even after all these years, I can't understand why a straight man would be on our side.  I still at a deep level see them as implacably hostile to all gays, every one of them.

But - he apparently is putting his money where his mouth is.  And so is Ted Olson, the mega-Republican lawyer for our side.  Even the judge in this case is a Republican, and he seems kinda sorta to be leaning in our direction.  Go figure.  I can't keep up with all the changes in the world, you know?  Is all this really possible?  Cleve Jones seems to be just fine with Reiner's left-field, go-for-broke, Lone Ranger strategy.

So to them I say, go ahead and prove me wrong, boys:  show me you really aren't like those nasty schoolyard creeps and bullies from long ago. 

Here's Rachel's interview with Olson and Boies.  These guys are major-league players at the top of their game, and they know how to play political hardball - which makes this case that much more exciting.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Powerful words from an unexpected ally.  Well, let's keep our fingers crossed on this one, guys.

Honk to Joe.My.God.


Ray's Cowboy said...

I do not have a problem with this. I have several freinds who are in our favor. And the knight on the white horse is just in my dreams. nothing more than that.
Again I think people are finially seeingit is not goingto hurt gays to bemarried. I may help more than everyone thinks.

Sebastian said...

Russ, my initial reactions are the same as yours, but I think it is something that we have to get over. Those of us who are of a certain age grew up in a different world. There was a sharp, bright line between gay and straight, and gays were kept out of sight. I miss some aspects of those days of my youth: the creepy, dark, out of the way bars with no signs, the 'is he or isn't he' guessing game, the 'secret' language, the sense of belonging to an underground fraternity. Along with that world came the assumption that all straight guys were creeped out by us. That assumption was largely true, then.

But things are now different. I recently read a so-so book on gays and the church. What amazed me was that the author identified his place of work - a federal office - where he worked as a prosecutor. That would have been impossible even a few years ago. Some of the testimony in Perry makes this point.

We are seeing the unfolding of history, as we witness the hard fought and barely hoped for change of climate. But this requires that we change too. It requires that we be willing to use the tolerance and freedoms we have won. But the cost of that is to see some of our own world collapse. Young gays don't need a secret world of bars. They go to 'regular' places more than we would have dared to. Young gays don't assume all straights are against them; they have ample evidence that this is not the case. As for us old dogs.....well, I think we need to try to learn new tricks.

Russ Manley said...

Well you may be right, Sebastian . . . it's hard for me to get my mind around the change, though. I certainly don't see it here in small-town TX, as most conspicuously evidenced in what I've written about my husband's death and how the town and church people treated me, men and women alike.

Although I am aware that even out here on the prairie, quite a few young people, late teens let's say or thereabouts, are cool with the idea of gay people. I recently heard a teen talking about her dad having come out to the family a few years before, and how she loved and supported him in that.

My jaw nearly hit the floor. Just 10 years ago or more, nobody but nobody would have dared mention such a "horrible" thing in public, very casually too I might add.

So I reckon the world really is changing step by step, even way down here in Texas . . . but this old dog still feels the scars of long ago.

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