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Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life: Gay Edition

Dang, wish I'd come across this short reflection by John Corvino for the holidays; but it's still well worth reading.  Excerpt:
In this column I have often extolled the virtues of long-term relationships. I believe in those virtues—and am ever grateful for my eight-year partnership with Mark, the love of my life.

But I don’t believe (and indeed, have never believed) that homosexuality has moral value ONLY in the context of long-term relationships—any more than heterosexuality does. That quick flirtatious glance across a crowded room; that awkward kiss with the cute stranger at the party—such moments make life joyful, and there is great moral value in joy.
Despite all I said in my recent post about marriage, your Head Trucker concurs heartily with John on this point.  Marriage is for grown-ups.  If you aren't there yet - or if fate has stingily withheld the husband card from your life - well then, you might as well enjoy your time while you're here, boys.

God knows all the straight boys are, isn't that right?  Especially the rich, white, Republican fundamentalists.

BTW, if you've never seen the excerpt from "The Gay Moralist," which I posted some months ago, by Dr. Corvino - who, in addition to being imminently truckable, is also smart as a whip - go check it out, you'll like it a lot.


David said...

While I've been partnered up for a long time, I've never been one of those guys who thinks that married is better than single. I think they're just different sides of a coin, each with their plusses and minuses.

We all know that guy who always has a man. Never single, and if he is he's planning how to not be single as quickly as possible. Frankly guys like that creep me out.

I love Brett dearly, but if we ever split up I'm not at all certain he wouldn't be my last boyfriend. I've always been very happy with my own company, and far too comfortable with casual sex =)

dave said...

Russ, you ad John Corvino are both right.

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