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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haitian Ambassador Pukes on Pat Robertson

Well, okay, so he probably just felt like doing that, after this brilliant piece of batshittery:  God sent the big earthquake yesterday to punish Haiti for signing up with the Devil more than 200 years ago. 

Pat Robertson is filthy rich - damn, that preachin' stuff is a good business to be in - but did you hear him say one word about how much he was going to send to help people who are dying in the streets at this moment?  I didn't either.

The ambassador's actual response:

You do remember, don't you, that the day after 9/11, Robertson and Jerry Falwell jointly blamed that on the ACLU, abortion, feminists, pornography, and of course . . . the terrible, unholy gays.


FDeF said...

Russ, Here's a short, but interesting, commentary on Haiti and Robinson: http://yglesias.thinkprogress.org/archives/2010/01/did-haiti-form-a-pact-with-the-devil.php

Stan said...

what gets me are the idiots who support these charlotains and send in their money to them!

Russ Manley said...

Hey Frank, thanks mucho for the great link, I've made up a new post on all that, check it out.

And Stan, yes it's very depressing to think about all the gullible people who are ultimately financing these shitheads . . . lots of them little old people living on a pittance, who think they are doing something good for God and country.

Mareczku said...

It sounds like this guy is losing it. It must be time for him to retire because it seems like his brain already has.

Russ Manley said...

You go, Mark.

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