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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Still sounds funny to say "2010," don't it, guys?  It's a new year all right, but still a lot of the same old, same old going on:

Rick Warren's Money Plea Nets $2.4M

Lordy, lordy, if only I'd a-known when I was coming up how lucrative the preaching business is.  Makes me wonder about making a plea for contributions to the Blue Truck here.

But hell, you reckon I'd pull in even 2 cents?  Shit.

NOM: Keep Rhode Island's Ban On Gays Burying Their Partners

Joe Jervis says:  "Just when you think that NOM cannot possibly get more fucking repulsive, they prove you wrong."

When your husband's family scoops him up and buries him where and how they want; and when you can never go visit his grave, never even lay a flower there - then you'll understand what that means, fellas.

The Five Worst Antigay Rants of the Year

I think I remember some worse than these, but I guess this gives you the gist of what the haters think about us, for the historical record.

The Mircle of Marijuana

I suppose some of you will be delighted to learn that not only is pot as harmless as sugar candy, but it's actually good for ya, too.  Even better than spinach or prunes.  If only Mom had known when she was raising you.

Ain't God science good?  My, my, my.  All you righteous folk who want to bitch me about my Marlboros . . . and just what is it you're smoking?  D-O-P-E.  Enuff said.

Somali charged over attack on Danish cartoonist

Five years after the big uproar, a 28-year-old Somali goes after a cartoonist and his granddaughter - with an axe.  Sullivan reprints the cartoon as "the only effective response to this disgusting act of terror."

Let's be clear:  not all Christians are fundamentalists, and neither are all Muslims.  I have known, myself, a number of very lovely people who were Muslim.  And believe it or not, pardners, once I even hooked up with a very sweet Muslim fellow from North Africa, many years ago now, who was over here for a business seminar.  We had a great time.  Even if he did think I talked funny.  But hell, you shoulda heard his accent.

But this whole fundamentalist attitude - that being righteous is more important than loving your neighbor - is low-down filthy dirty, whether Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Zubangi, or whatnot. 

Righteousness, as commonly practiced, is a very nasty thing.  And you can quote me on that, fellas.

If Tiger Woods Had Been a Christian, None of This Would Have Happened

Right . . . I just don't dare say a fucking thing about this one, boys.

The View from the Base

Sullivan also posts a photo that shows where the far right thinks Obama belongs - at Palin's feet.

But the news is never all bad, guys.  Like my mama always said, you got to take the bitter with the sweet:

NH Couples Ring In 2010 With Weddings

As of January 1, New Hampshire is one of the five states where you can be really, truly, legally married to your husband.  The others are Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Iowa.

First Trans Person Appointed By Obama

Amanda Simpson is the first transwoman ever appointed by a U.S. President; she's now a senior technical advisor in the Department of Commerce, with a very impressive resume in the aerospace industry.

And finally, with a honk to my truckbuddy Mark, who first told me about this - last week One Life to Live celebrated New Year's Eve with some warm, fuzzy homosex.  In living color.  On nationwide TV.  In broad daylight.  And there's no riots in the streets, nobody is trying to burn down the television stations, at least not that I've heard.  And the world keeps right on turning, the old sun coming up ever morning just like always.

Lord a-mercy.  I can hardly believe I have lived to see this day.


Stephen said...

Excellent blog, interesting opinions & good writing. Wishing you all the best in the new decade!

Russ Manley said...

Thanks buddy, same to ya. Stop by anytime, glad to have you visit.

Ultra Dave said...

Another good one Russ! I believe without having the bad would would not appreciate the good. Though less of it would be nice.

Stan said...

I'm glad they used a handsome masculine couple like this and not some nelly queens. I wonder who bottomed?

JiffyJim said...

Came across this video on MetroDystopia. Stan gave you credit...thanks for posting it. Like your blog! :)

Russ Manley said...

Thanks Jim - good to see ya, come back and ride in the Blue Truck anytime.

And Stan - well golly pardner, I was kinda thinking the opposite thing. But if you say that's what passes for butch in New York City, well all right then.


Mareczku said...

Thanks, Russ. That clip is just beautiful isn't it? Now we just have to wait until Fish finds out that he is a dad and they get to share diaper duty.

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