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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Latest marriage map from Freedom to Marry - click to enlarge.

A flurry of legal developments happened yesterday, so now there are 32 states where people like us can marry: hit the links to read up on the mind-boggling good news.




Federal government

And although this is not my idea at all of a proper do, I still had to get my hanky out - Kevin Patterson and David Larance have the first gay wedding in Arizona:

And here's a great piece on Karen and Nelda, the lesbian couple you see in the video above, who have been waiting since the freakin' Eisenhower Administration for the right to marry!

Finally, a sweet pic from Idaho taken earlier this week:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Waitin' for the Weekend

Ryan Burke

Asinine Art

The serene neoclassical facades of the Place Vendome in Paris are now surrounding a giant inflatable sculpture, which American artist Paul McCarthy has entitled Tree.

More on the story here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Inferior Decorator

Some duck fits from 1948 to liven up your Thursday:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Say No to Gay Divorce

A public service message from Jimmy Kimmel:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Candid Camera: The Unanswerable Phone Call

The original Candid Camera with Allen Funt and Durwood Kirby was always hilarious. Here's a clip, undated, that is sure to make you smile. My sides hurt now.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Marriage News Watch, 10/13/14

Matt Baume of the American Foundation for Equal Rights reports:

And we can add Alaska to the list - as one headline put it, now Putin can see gay marriages from his house!

Yesterday afternoon, U. S. District Judge Timothy Burgess (appointed by Bush in 2005) struck down Alaska's marriage ban as being an unconstitutional deprivation of due process and equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment - as most other courts have done.  Full text of the ruling here.  Governor Sean Parnell vowed to appeal the decision, but since Alaska is covered by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which last week gave marriage equality to Idaho and Nevada - the governor is just talking out his ass.

Alaska is thus the 30th state where gays can marry. Hoo-wee, boys, now we're getting somewhere! Photos of the celebration at Mad Mindy's bar in Anchorage last night here.

Reports are that Vital Statistics offices will be issuing licenses from 8 a.m. today; however, Alaska has a three-day waiting period, so the first weddings won't likely happen until Thursday.

No word yet on how this is affecting Sarah Palin's heterosexual marriage.

Also, if you're up for it - yesterday, Prop 8 attorney Ted Olson and professional bigot Tony Perkins debated the issue on Fox News Sunday - as if there's anything left to debate. Olson made some brilliant points, while Perkins had only the same tired old crap and lies to sputter.

And an article I missed last Monday - which seems such a long time ago now; ELEVEN states have gained marriage equality since then - on the cool, cagey way the Supreme Court may have granted marriage equality to the whole country without having to make a dramatic ruling. Read Amy Davidson's take in the New Yorker.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Drive: In an English Country Garden

Your Head Trucker learned to play this pretty piece during my juvenile piano lessons, but strangely enough I have never heard the lyrics until now.

Some more pictures of the lovely gardens of England, if you're in the mood for that this morning:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Boys of Summer

Contributed by my truckbuddy Tim from England, now resident in Spain:

Tim’s Take on Spain – The Boys Of Summer

One of summer’s simple joys for Partner and me is pizza on the beach of a Sunday evening, washed down with a glass or two of chilled wine, naturally! We’ll watch the sunset and the people, and we’ll chat with the boys who own and run the place – our ‘boys’ of summer. Which is a good excuse to play our first musical piece.

This version of the old Don Henley classic is by German DJ Ole Van Dansk and was filmed in Lagos, Portugal, so it has a suitable Euro-Iberian feel to it. It is in the ‘House Trance’ style apparently . . . no, I don’t know either, but it does grow on you!

Whilst many other blogs have already marked the official end of summer, the tourist ‘summer’ season here on the Costa del Sol actually runs on into late October. So this ‘Tim’s Take’ is my own ‘seasonally adjusted’ contribution to mark the event! But first, dear reader, some introductions. This is Sergio . . .

. . . and this is his elder brother, Carlos.

Together they run one of our favourite chiringuitos – Royal Beach.

The upstairs restaurant has a ‘Pirate’ theme; hence Carlos’s get-up. When Partner and I visited the west-coast of America a couple of years back, Carlos and Sergio asked if we could bring back some ‘Pirate’ paraphernalia for the restaurant. Monterey and San Diego provided plenty of fine samples. I can only imagine the customs officers faces when they found the ‘booty’ buried in our suitcases – a cutlass, a flintlock pistol, even a hook for a missing hand, plus pieces of eight and an eye patch! All plastic, I hasten to add, and today they join a lot of other piratical bric-a-brac decorating the walls and ceiling. Not to my taste perhaps, but the kids love it! And happy kids = happy customers = more doubloons!

Besides pizzas, it also serves the most wonderfully fresh seafood. Both brothers are keen fishermen, and Sergio is always keen to display the latest catch! Here he is with a couple of magnificent candy-striped urtas, red-banded sea bass. They have soft, white flesh, with a subtle, delicate flavour, and are one of the restaurant’s specialities. They might be called Red Snappers where you live.

‘The Royal’ as we call it, is just a short ten minute drive down the hill from our home, and has become a favourite destination for Partner, Lulu and me on a summer’s Sunday evening. We have known Carlos and Sergio since we moved here nine years ago. Carlos can appear quite stern, but underneath he has a wickedly dry sense of humour. He is the business man of the two and takes his responsibilities very seriously. And he still ‘looks out’ for his younger brother, even though they are now both in their thirties. Sergio is always happy, a natural joker and an excellent chef. A perfect foil to Carlos.

Over the years we have watched them take over the reins of the little family business from their late father, and grow it into one of the most popular chiringuitos in the area. We have shared many happy times with Carlos and Sergio, and some sad ones too. We are very fond of them both, although saying hello can sometimes be a painful business. Both brothers are quite strong and when your arm has been punched, or your shoulder squeezed in friendly greeting, you know it! But the pleasure is worth the pain! I think this studly gentleman might give as good as he got though! Probably one of their ‘martial arts’ friends (see later).

-- Continued after the jump --

Marriage Tsunami Rolls On

In the last two days, the rolling tide of marriage equality has washed over four more states: Nevada, West VirginiaIdaho, and North Carolina. Just amazing. Here's a sweet clip of the first two men married late yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina, both of them sheriff's deputies:

Oh my. I have lived to see this day. Your Head Trucker remembers a time when the officers of the law, instead of kissing your sweet lips, would have been kicking your gay ass all over town.

At the moment there are 29 states plus DC with marriage equality - and counting  That covers about three-fifths of the U. S. population.  Here is another ugly but up-to-date map, this time from Freedom to Marry:

Click to enlarge.

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