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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Get-Out-of-Adultery-Free Card

Brit Hume's smug, sneering come-to-Jesus plea directed at Tiger Woods gets raked over the coals by Olbermann and a radical-sex-advice-columnist faggot.  Way to go, Dan.

So many things I could say here, boys, but I'll confine myself to just one:  ya notice how these straight white skirtchasing men have it all set up so's they can fuck around all they want, when and where they please, but still get to heaven in the end?

Right.  What a convenient religion, huh.  For them.

Of course, the Old Testament prescribes death for adulterers, the same as for homosexuals.  But oh of course the first one doesn't apply anymore, you know.  Only the second.  Right . . . .

Update:  Evan Hurst writes a brilliant resposte, complete with scripture quotes, at Truth Wins Out; an excerpt:
. . . if we look at the fruit borne by so many born-again Christian leaders on the subject of infidelity, what we find is that we’re in quite a smelly orchard. Now, the Evangelical Christian stock response tends to be, “Well, their conversions must not be real!” How utterly convenient. The point is that born-again Christians don’t have any better track records on such matters than any of the rest of the population. Barna Research Group (a very Evangelical-friendly source) studied divorce rates and found that, indeed, conservative Christians have a far higher divorce rate than liberal Christians, atheists and agnostics. . . .

So, the contention of the original piece, that the on-air proselytizing of Tiger Woods by Brit Hume toward Christianity is absurd, stands. The data is in, and it shows that, for situations like that of Tiger Woods, a change in religious affiliation wouldn’t be likely to have any appreciable effect on his skirt-chasing behavior. The only thing it might do is give him an air of superiority and a more sharpened ability to pretend he didn’t just bed that pretty lady he met last night.
More data from this survey and others on divorce among conservative Christians at ReligiousTolerance.org.

P.S. - I really don't give a rap what Tiger did or didn't do.  He's a man.  He screwed up.  Like many millions of others all down through the centuries, in every clime and country.  BFD.  Not a news story.  Let him and the missus sort it out, it's not worth my time and attention.


TomS said...

I was amazed when I heard this earlier on the news. Thanks for raising the profile of this story. To think that many of our elected officials probably govern according to these ideas.
Good job Russ!

Doorman-Priest said...

I wish we could get MOXNEWS here!

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