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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me?

The National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project - that's a mouthful - at the University of Chicago, sponsored by the National Institute on Aging has been researching all kinds of things about older Americans.  Ben Schott in the New York Times presents a table with some stats the project has released, based on a nationally representative sampling of over 3,000 American adults, and the figures are very interesting.

For example, here's the breakdown, with percentages, on same-sex partners for men.  First, those reporting "more than none":

Age 57-64:  3.3
Age 65-74:  4.7
Age 75-87:  2.4

And those reporting "more than two":

Age 57-64:  1.2
Age 65-74:  2.8
Age 75-87:  0.9

Hmm.  I'm no kind of statistician, but I wonder why the figures are higher in both cases for the 65-74 age group.  Any guesses, guys?

It's also to be noted that the survey mentions same-sex partners, not same-sex experiences.  I wonder what those figures would be.

1 comment:

Mareczku said...

Maybe the number for the 65-74 age group is higher because the guys are retired and have more time to socialize. The 57-64 age group is busier working. Just my guess.

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