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Friday, December 11, 2009

Rick Warren Condemns Ugandan Antigay Bill

"This law is unjust, extreme, and unchristian towards homosexuals," he says, which is a forceful statement, to be sure.

Sullivan is grateful to Warren for using "Christian arguments in defense of the dignity of homosexual persons," and notes that the Pope has yet to speak out against the bill, even though 40 percent of Ugandans are Catholic, the largest church in that country.

Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out applauds, saying Warren showed "true moral courage and stood for what is right and just."

What I say:  Well, I'm glad to hear Brother Warren testify, I sure am.  And given his celebrity status and longtime involvement with Ugandan religious and political leaders, his words will probably carry a lot of weight over there, to the ultimate relief of our gay brothers and sisters - although it's important to remember that even before this bill was proposed, gay sex was punishable by life imprisonment, and that law has not changed.

Yet having been around and dealt with these Southern Baptist types all my life, I can see a ways beyond the surface to a certain level of phoniness they all have, even if unawares.  And when I heard the opening text of this video, there was a very strong smell of CYA in the room.  Read the words (emphasis mine):
But because I didn’t rush to make a public statement, some erroneously concluded that I supported this terrible bill, and some even claimed I was a sponsor of the bill. You in Uganda know that is untrue. I am releasing this video to you and your congregations to correct these untruths and to urge you to make a positive difference at this critical point in your nation.
So in his own words, what is the real cause and effect at work here?  If Warren hadn't been publicly tarred with the origins of this bill, would he ever have spoken out against it?  For the sake of gay Ugandans, I'm glad he did; but does any of this make him our friend? 

You be the judge.

Map of world homosexuality laws from Wikipedia.  Red and brown indicate life in prison or the death penalty for homosex; orange and yellow indicate lesser penalties.


Stan said...

These charlatans are all alike. Once they get into deep shit they all try to bail out without stinking. THis message is too little too late. Are any Ungandans going to hear this? Fuck off dickhead!

TomS said...

Russ, I have been stopping here regularly, and as you know, you inspired me to pay attention to this issue, and comment in my own journal. I have appreciated your close watch on the topic as well as your well-reasoned commentary.
I admit I was somewhat naively happy when I first heard this story, but I have since come back to earth with a more realistic appraisal. Anyway, he at least said the words, on record....now if he would go further and urge the Ugandans to drop the bill entirely.....which is not likely....

Jeepguy said...

Sorry, guys, but I smelled chicken shit from the get-go on this one. It is, at best, a weak attempt at CYA!!! Phoney-boloney Rickie-boy is not our friend---trust me!

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