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Saturday, December 5, 2009

LGBT Orgs Slam Congress for ENDA Delay

Twenty-two LGBT advocacy organizations have written a joint statement expressing our community's outrage and disappointment that ENDA will not be passed this year by Congress (emphasis mine):
In light of continuing delays in the House of Representatives, we must state clearly and unequivocally: Passing basic job protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people must happen now. At a time when our government is deeply focused on the critical issue of employment, it is inexcusable to delay action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Each and every job lost to prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity needlessly compounds the unemployment challenges facing our nation. We call on Congress for the immediate passage of ENDA.

For decades now, we have called upon Congress to pass legislation to address the basic right of LGBT people to work free from discrimination at our jobs, and now Congress tells us we must wait another year. In 29 states, it remains legal to fire people based on sexual orientation and in 38 states, discrimination based on gender identity remains legal. In failing to take swift action to pass ENDA, our government allows unfettered bigotry to go unchecked, leading to the loss of jobs, fear in the workplace, economic instability and personal hardship, while allowing employers to lose competent experienced workers. ENDA is urgently needed by our communities.

The majority of Americans consistently state their support for employment protections and voters have affirmed similar state and local measures. There is absolutely no reason for Congress to continue to delay this noncontroversial bill or drop LGBT issues to the bottom of their agenda. We will not be denied basic rights any longer. Nothing is more important than protecting people's jobs so ENDA must pass now. Further delays are absolutely unacceptable.
You'd think that in a time of economic crisis and rising unemployment, the people you sent to Congress, as well as to the statehouse, would be concerned about protecting every American who still has a job, wouldn't you? 

How secure is your job?  Lots of folks are living in a dream world about that; I chatted online with a guy from Texas a while back who wasn't concerned about being out at work because he blithely assumed we gays had some state-level protections here in the Lone Star State. 

Wrong.  Check out the employment laws map (pdf) from HRC here and find out how things stand where you live.

If keeping a job is important to you, let your elected reps at both the state and federal levels know how you feel about this issue here.

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