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Friday, December 4, 2009

Bullshit Alert: Who Would Jesus Tax?

I know you guys are thinking I must be queer for Andrew Sullivan, because I quote him so often - even though he is sometimes a real dickhead on certain subjects.  Okay, okay, I'll admit, he's not exactly my type, but at the right place and time, I wouldn't turn him down; push him down more likely.  Grin. 

But this one is too good not to quote, and besides it's about a real gen-u-wine Texas fuckhead.  The kind I'm surrounded by out here.  Don't get me wrong, boys - Texas really is a great and beautiful place to live for lots of reasons, if only you could deport all the Republican fundamentalists.  But then it would only have the population of Rhode Island.

Anyway, here goes:
"Now, after someone dies and someone comes in and steals from them, we consider that in most society reprehensible. … But when the government comes in, because we have the power to pass laws and legalize theft that otherwise would be considered reprehensible, it’s okay. But it is not okay. … Jesus never advocated the government go steal. He said ‘you do it. Do it with your own money, don’t steal it from somebody else.’ And that is why this should not pass," - Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), opposing a 45% tax on estates valued at more than $3.5 million ($7 million for a couple).

I seem to recall Jesus urging his followers to pay Caesar what was due to him - and never to confuse that with anything to do with God. I also seem to recall his saying quite clearly that only by giving away one's entire wealth to the poor could one enter the kingdom of heaven.
Yup.  You see how these Christianists are total, undiluted hypocrites?  They stand on every single word of the Bible when it comes to teh gayz; but when it comes to themselves - and especially their pocketbooks - hell, they can't even remember the most basic teachings.  And they just make shit up.

Just like they have made up their straight, white, male, heterosexual God.  I haven't abandoned my Christian faith; but I have abandoned that terrible, hateful, homophobic false god I was lied to about in church, that narrow, nasty little god that nearly destroyed me.

Bonus:  I love this observation by a commenter on Think Progress, where Sullivan got the story from:
Jesus provided free health care to everyone, fed the masses, and even supplied free wine from time-to-time.
Amen, brother. 

Geez, guys - when you stop and think about it, it does sound like Jesus was some sort of (horrified pause) . . . radical (gasp) . . . Frenchified . . . (big stage whisper) SOCIALIST.  I tell you what.  And not a family man at all.

Ain't that a helluva note?

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