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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

For Tommy - and all the others.

Over a million Americans are estimated to be living with HIV. Worldwide an estimated 33 million people are living with HIV.

If you don't have it, don't get it.  Yes, you can live with it now for many long years; but I've watched what other people have to go through, even with the most modern drugs, and it's a hell of a routine, boys.  It's not like eating sugar candy; those drugs are powerful, and have all kinds of unhappy side effects.  It's not fun, guys.  God bless all those who do have to put up with it.

Gay Men's Health Crisis and Project Inform have a lot of good information on all aspects of HIV and AIDS, check 'em out.

And one more tip:  If you live in some little redneck town and you aren't comfortable talking to your doctor about stuff like this, Home Access offers the only FDA-approved home testing kits for HIV and Hep C.


Jeepguy said...

Russ -
I'm glad you posted in honor of World Aids Day. I did likewise on my blog, in honor of my younger brother, who we lost to AIDS 18 years ago this month. I recounted what all of that was like for me. Everyone, feel free to check out what I wrote if you feel like it.

Those "life-saving" drugs were in their infancy at the time of his death, but he didn't make it long enough to try any of them. And you are right... these drugs are no picnic in the park. I witnessed this working in a clinic that regularly saw AIDS patients a couple of years ago. Sometimes, I swear the treatment is as bad as the disease.
Thanks again, my friend

Ray's Cowboy said...

We have all had our losses. I do not know how I excape, but I did. I am very lucky. I mean with Riveshawn Park, Randall Mill Park and "The Tressell" and the list goes on. I was a big time let's get it on type of guy. In Dallas having 2 bath houses and Dallas/ Fort Worth having allot of bars and parks. One could have fun back them.
I am sad for all of the losses everyone has. I thought blackwas the only color in the 80's. It seems that away then.
Thanks for your post.

Stan said...

I'm like you Ray. I wonder how the hell I made it and why am I still here?

Russ Manley said...

Gary - I'm sorry for your loss. Great post you made on your blog about your brother. And you're right about the treatment being as rough as the disease, that's for sure.

Ray, Stan - I wonder the same thing, guys. Hell, maybe it's only the good die young, ya think?

Jeepguy said...

Thanks, Russ. Also to Ray & Stan for your comments on my blog.
I guess we are all lucky to be alive, huh!
I like the thought (and song) about "only the good die young." Better than living out my final days in some nursing home not knowing who I am or who anyone else is, I guess! If I get seriously sick or too old to know myself, I think I'll be praying for a coronary! :)

Russ Manley said...

Yeah we are the lucky ones Gary, though just why that is I havent a clue in my own case anyway.

And I agree - all these people who say they want to live to be 100 better stop and think what they are wishing for . . . they just might get it. And regret it.

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