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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lovelight: The Way

No matter what comes or goes in life, never stop believing in your power to love.

The world may condemn or dismiss it, ridicule or hate it.  But you know - you know in the depth of your soul that it is true and good and real.  And no one can take that conviction away from you.

Stumbling down the long, dusty road of life, with more than a few wrong turns and dead ends, I can tell you this, boys:  the times I've connected with another man completely - physically, yes, but also mentally and emotionally - have been the very best moments of all.  Those are the moments when I have known what joy and beauty are; the times when I have felt most alive, and most worthy to be alive.  And glad - so very, very glad.

I'm thinking right now of some few men I've embraced and cherished to the root of my being - even if only for an hour, their memory shines still, here in my heart.  There haven't been near as many of those moments as I would have liked.  Now at this late age, who knows if there will be any more. 

But I have had what I have had, and I'm grateful.  I had the Great Romance.  And then, another time, I had the Great Marriage.  Some folks never have either. 

So I can't complain.  I just have to thank the Lord for all I have known of love, wherever and whenever it was found.  And for all the loves He has loved me with.

For God is Love.  The Word made flesh.

And we are his eyes and ears, His hands and feet.

Goodnight, guys.


FDeF said...

No problem posting here.

We've been watching every gay film on netflix "on demand" since signing up. It's refreshing seeing a romantic male couple in love - we are so inundated with images of hetero couplings. And those connections we are fortunate to have over the years can certainly be, at some level, very spiritual and a blessing.

Russ Manley said...

Oh yeah Frank, Netflix is wonderful. I've watched lots of gay love stories too - OMG think of all those years when we could never, ever see two men in love. Never see ourselves portrayed up there on the screen. As if we didn't exist at all.

Yes, very refreshing to see these kinds of movies now. I recommend Juste une question d'amour, if you haven't seen it already.

Jeepguy said...

Yes, it is nice to finally see us being portrayed in healthy, loving relationships, and not just as neurotic, seedy, dirty, depraved sex- maniacs.

Nice video, Russ. Thanks. You have such a great attitude about life! And who knows, if you want it, you could be in for another round! No one is ever too old for love.

Mareczku said...

Yes, the video was beautiful. Your words here were also very touching and right on.

Russ Manley said...

Glad you guys liked.

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