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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Big Shopping Trip

When Santa Claus forgets those special items on your list, what's an old shitkicker to do?

Go a little crazy at Wally World, a-course.

Watch part II and submit your guess to win a special prize from Russ . . .

PS - Reckon I do need a good dialogue writer, for a fact. Any you fellas want to apply for the job? Hell, I promise not to say "ain't that purty" again till, oh, at least next year.


BTW, anybody needs a written translation from Texan to English, no problem, just sent a stamped, self-addressed envelope to your Head Trucker. For quicker response, include pictures.


Jeepguy said...

Thanks for the truck ride in the snow, Russ. Coooool! Looks like you're having a good time with your video and the snow.

Let's see...what would a guy like you buy at Wally World in the snow? No, not a snow shovel. Hmmm. Gotta be something honorable, like a nice toy...
Maybe an internet-ready LCD HDTV or home theatre system?
Maybe some video editing equipment & software?
Maybe that USB turntable?
I know!!! A realistic, life-size inflatable of your favorite C&W music guy, complete with tunes and all orifices!!! (Well, you did mention orgie tickets!) Oh wait, I guess they probably don't sell those at WW, do they?
Well, Russ, I'm out of guesses, but I'm sure its better than a jar of mayo.
Can't wait to see what ultra-cool thing you bought!
Merry Self-inflicted Christmas to Russ :)
Have a good time!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Love to go shopping with you. I love this song that is playing on the second one. I would Love to go back to your place and eat Chicken Express. One of my co-workers got ema gift cert for $20.00 there. I love their sweet tea. Russ hope you stay warm and safe.

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