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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Consolation Prize

From the Human Rights Campaign:
Yesterday Washington State officials (Governor Gregoire and Secretary of State Reed) certified the results of Referendum 71 — the measure that asked voters to approve or reject a comprehensive domestic partnership law passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor earlier in the ear. Voters approved the law in November’s elections and now same-sex couples will have critical rights and protections as of 12:01 a.m. Pacific time on Thursday.
The first voter-approved, all-but-the-name-marriage law in the nation. So you see, it does pay off to work for change at the state level, guys. Just not as quickly as we would like, as we deserve.

But we have to keep pushing, step by step, state by state, all the way down the long, sometimes heartbreaking road. You gotta have hope. You gotta have courage, you gotta have grit and the guts to keep going, sunlight or storm. When the horse throws you, get right back up in the damn saddle, cowboy up and ride on anyways.

You'll never win nothing if you're a scairdy-cat.

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