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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Promises, Promises

Politifact has been tracking Obama's record since Day 1; here's the scorecard so far:

And what can you expect the President to do for teh gayz in 2010?  Newsweek predicts:  Nada.
What the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community has learned this year is that the president is ultimately a pragmatist. Although his very presence in the White House is the stuff of culture wars, Obama himself is reluctant to wade into one. Moreover, if socially divisive policies have the potential to compromise his legislative agenda, Obama has proven that he simply won’t pursue them. Expect this tension to become more acute as the 2010 elections loom—and for gay rights to be shunted aside again. The last thing this pragmatist president will do is hand election-year ammunition to an already energized conservative base that’s venomously opposed to gay marriage.


Heretic Tom said...

This year it was not spending his political capital. Next year it will be mid-term elections. After that it will be reelection. I hate to say it, but my hope is drained. I don't think he's going to push to overturn DOMA or DADT.

Stan said...

I agree with Tom. I'm totally drained of all "hope" too. Especially after this war escalation of his on the far side of the world. Let's start the draft again and hopefully get the asses of the masses out into the streets again!

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