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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photo Help

So a few weeks ago, one of those automatic Windows Updates took over my computer - I hate that - and when it got done, my photo editing software wouldn't open anymore.  Which is a real pain in the ass because I use it constantly, not only for doodling around and pretending to be an artiste - ha ha - but also for resizing and editing nearly every photo I take with my Kodak.

What kind of doodling, you ask?  Just silly stuff nobody but me wants to see.  Like this:

Oh well, it keeps me off the streets.  Meanwhile, nothing to do but reload the software.  If I can find the disk again.  Think it's buried in a box in the rented storage unit that we got when the ex-roommate first moved in, and we had to have some place for our combined overflow of junk to go.  I'm hoping tomorrow he can come and take the last of his stuff out, and help me get the last of my junk back to the house here, so I don't have to pay another month's rent on the thing.

Meantime, it's driving me freaking crazy not being able to resize photos, adjust the contrast and tint, etc.  But in case any of you ever have a similar problem, I just ran across some online sites that are not so good as having your own software, but in a pinch can help out with photo edits.  Just sharing these with my Truckbuddies who might need them:





Ultra Dave said...

Wow you certainly have talent Russ! Are you a graphic artist by trade?

Stan said...

I agree! Nice work Russ. I got a thing for trains too. This country really needs to work on it's railroads. Europe is light years ahead of us (just like everything else.)

Jeepguy said...

Nice stuff, Russ! I like trains, too, and wish we had a better developed passenger system in the US. The more modern ones have a cool sleek look, which I like very much, but my penchant is for the old steam locomotives -- cinders and all. I'll blog about those one of these days.
Anyway, keep up the good work. It's great!

Russ Manley said...

Thanks, guys.

Dave - no, but I wish I was. It's a late-life discovery, this interest in graphic art; something I had no clue about when I was in college trying to decide on a major. Never had an art class; who knew?

Stan, Gary - another couple of railfans, cool. I like big steam, and the streamliner era, which I was lucky to catch just the tail end of. And yes, it's a damn shame that our rail system lags so far behind the rest of the world. Go to Wikipedia and look up TGV, you'll see what we are missing. Those high-speed French trains make me hard . . . . Grin.

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