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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What She's Really Like

One of Sullivan's readers explains why not nearly as many women like Palin as the men do:
Sarah Palin - 'Going Rogue: An American Life' SigningSarah Palin is the peppy cheerleader in high school all the boys thought was so sweet but the girls knew was really a vicious shrew. She's the new girl in the office who wears tight shirts and three-inch heels, is super-friendly to her male superiors, ignores the other women, and gets promoted sooner than her more capable and hard working peers. She's the outgoing PTA mom all of the other women are scared to cross because they will find themselves put on the worst committees. Only a woman knows how to give another woman a sweet smile and at the same time cut her down to size with an artfully crafted "compliment" without male observers having a clue about what just happened. It's like a dog whistle.
Um . . . ya know guys, I clued in on every single bit of that the very first time I saw the bitch.  

Does that make me a woman too?


The Slabber said...

Yep, those are perceptive comments.

David said...

Nope, it just means you're observant and a good judge. Being immune to the boobs helps that.

Jeepguy said...

I think some people tend to discount Sarah and laugh her off as a harmless, dumb bitch, but IMO, she's one of the most dangerous people to come our way in a long time. She's grossly incompetent, but she has a way of sucking in people who can't or won't think for themselves and getting them to vote for her crazy, sick agenda. She, Glen Beck, and others in the "conservative" limelight probably have a snowflake's chance in hell of actually being elected president but they can do untold damage in other ways through their influence on the "non-thinking" amongst us. Calling themselves "conservatives" is a total bastardization of the word. More neo-babble double-speak.
Beware and spread the word, seriously!
Sorry to be on such a tirade, but this stuff scares the crap out of me! If they had their way, we'd all be in concentration camps.

Russ Manley said...

I agree Gary - it's especially scary when you remember that Obama won the election with only 53 percent of the vote. 60M people voted for McCain/Palin.

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