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Friday, November 27, 2009

Gay Twins

Interesting stuff.  Take note, however, that nothing is as yet proven:  pay attention to all the times "may" and "might" are used.

And in any case, whatever the ultimate "cause" of gayness is, even when we find out - does it really, truly matter?  We are human beings.  We live, we love, we laugh, we work; we have our particular contribution to give to the life of the world.  Like every other mother's son on this planet.

Beyond that, what else matters?  Every flower that blooms adds its small touch of beauty to the world before it withers into dust.  Every bird arcing through the sky has its little song to sing before it falls, as it must one day, to earth.

Life is short.  We are all given a moment out of eternity to live and bloom and sing our song before we return to dust.  Science and knowledge are important, don't mistake me; but even more important is to live a decent, compassionate, unselfish life in the concert of humanity.

To add our warbled note, however tiny, however frail, to the beautiful, mysterious aria of Love that proceeds from the heart of things:  that's why we're here.

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