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Monday, April 1, 2013

America: The Evil Empire?

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A very timely video, via Andrew Sullivan:

It occurs to your Head Trucker that while we now think the President will be revered by future generations for his legacies of such good things as Obamacare and gay rights - it's possible that those accomplishments will be overshadowed by his use of unrestrained drone warfare in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the whole world that the Administration takes a notion to drop a bomb on unsuspecting civilians, without warning or mercy, at any moment of the day or night.

No charges pressed - no law violated - no chance to surrender - no court of appeal - no defense. Just a quick, soft whistle in the air, and Boom! You're dead.  Too bad, man:  your name was on The List.  And all your family too, old and young and babes in arms. Nothing left but a bloody, mangled mess, a butcher's nightmare.  Even the pieces are unrecognizable.

Cui bono?

If this is not evil, what is?


Tim said...

I find it ironic that a Rabbi talks so confidently about 'Proportionality'

Just a quick, soft whistle in the air, and Boom! You're dead. Echoes of 9/11?

Just trying to see both sides of the argument. It's all tragic.

Russ Manley said...

Yes, it's all tragic, deeply so. I am not at all in favor of war as a casual thing - but it is sometimes forced upon good men by bad ones. In which case, there is a choice among responses, some of which are more appropriate and less inhumane than others.

But no one has yet explained to me these ten years we have been trying to level Afghanistan exactly what the fuck the point is. So some remote villager deep in the mountains of that hellhole country hates the U.S. - and that is related to 9/11 and our safety now in what way exactly?

If you know the answer, Frank, do help me out here.

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