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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twisting the Knife: School Board Member Gloats over "Fag" Suicides

This big-mouthed motherfucker - the one on the left, I mean - is Clint McCance, a sitting member of the Midland School Board in Pleasant Plains, Arkansas (about 80 miles northeast of Little Rock).

He left these evil comments on his Facebook page last week:
Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE.

No because being a fag doesn’t give you the right to ruin the rest of our lives. It you get easily offended by being caleld a fag then don’t tell anyone you are a fag. Keep that shit to yourself. I don’t care how people decide to live their lives. They don’t bother me if they keep it thereselves. It pisses me off though that we make special purple fag day for them. I like that fags can’t procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other AIDS and die. If you aren’t against it, you might as well be for it.

I would disown my kids if they were gay. They will not be welcome at my home or in my vicinity. I will absolutely run them off. Of course my kids will know better. My kids will have solid christian beliefs. See it infect everyone.
Human Rights Campaign has posted a PDF of the Facebook page here.   HRC's Joe Solmonese says:
Clint McCance has put a face on the hate that devastates our young people. McCance and his hate shouldn’t be allowed near children, let alone managing their education. We call for his immediate resignation from the school board.
A Facebook page called "Fire Clint McCance" has been set up here.

Queerty has published the name of the bigot's business and says:
Without question, this man must lose his board seat. It is not a matter of his First Amendment rights. Let this guy spew all the bile he wants on his own free time (and Facebook page). It is the matter of what's in the best interest of children — and it is certainly not a man who thinks gay youth should kill themselves. This man just wrote himself into history as a human stain.
The Advocate reports:
It's not clear if McCance has taken down the thread, since his Facebook page is private — the messages were made available to The Advocate via a forwarded screen capture. The superintendent of the Midland school district was unavailable and a phone call to the principal of the Midland High School was not returned. There was no response to e-mails to the superintendent and to the secretary of the Midland school board.
Joe Jervis says:
It looks like the Midland School District has wiped the names of its board members from its website, but Midland Superintendent Dean Stanley can be reached at dstanley@midlandschools.org. Be polite, yet forceful.

What I Say:  Oh no.  We are not going to take this lying down.  It's 2010 and it's a new day, boys - we are not going to let an elected official get away with this filthy talk and still keep his job.  In backwoods Arkansas or anywhere else.  Oh no.

Oh hell no.

Update:  Wayne Besen over at Truth Wins Out has dug up this very revealing photo of Clint - apparently posted by Clint himself at this site - presented as a public service by your Head Trucker:

Clint is the one with his, um, finger poking through his pants.


Update 2:  Max Brantley, editor of the Arkansas Times, is interviewed by openly gay newsman Thomas Roberts of MSNBC:

Read Brantley's report of his conversation with McCance here.


Tuesday's Cowboy said...

Sorry mess this is, is all I can say. Disgusting hypocrite that doesn't even understand the teachings of his own saviour who never once denounced homosexuality . . . and then writes "shit." Some Christian.

dave said...

That photo just goes to show how some brain-dead assholes are allowed to have anything to do with children.

FDeF said...

They got my email.

Russ Manley said...

Mine too.

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