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Saturday, October 9, 2010

It Gets Better, #4

The outpouring of love and caring from the famous and the obscure, the honesty and the stories, the pain and smiles and tears and laughter:  I'm just amazed and overwhelmed.  Gay is good - and we are so strong, so brave, so beautiful.  I know these videos will make a huge difference to many hurting kids.  It helps me too.  That's awesome.

More videos your Head Trucker especially likes from the It Gets Better Project:

Hucklefaery from Texas, with a fabulous message about where the mountain meets the wind:

Philip, who grew up in the highly homophobic Jehovah's Witnesses:

Law student Jesse, who grew up Mormon in Dallas:

Tyler, who went from nerdy to beautiful:

Jeffrey Self from Rome, Georgia, and Guy Branum:

Joseph, with a very important message about loving yourself:

Hank from Georgia, a 10-year military veteran, shares his moving story:

Who's the bitch now?

Adult entertainer Tré Xavier, who survived the mean streets of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn:

And your Head Trucker got all sloppy and wet-eyed over this message from Wade Lee, a truly beautiful man:


Ray's Cowboy said...

Ken/ Hucklefaery is totally HOT. He can make me safe anyday. loved his speach as well.

I hope others can see allof these on You-Tube and see that they are not alone.

dave said...

Nerdy to Beautiful indeed. I needed that.

Russ Manley said...

Glad you liked, guys.

We all need to be reminded that we're not alone, and our stories are so alike.

Joey said...

Russ : I hope gays, homos, queers ARE as strong and brave and beautiful as other American men all across the country. Believe me, in NYC the out-of-town gays are NOT. They are mean, vicious, wimpy and weasely.///I HOPE this video campaign is good to show a variety of dudes-into-dudes (for other young dudes out there) so they don't have to think.....all they have to look forward to is the gay ghetto.

David said...

I've been so happy for the success Eric Stonestreet (my cousin) has found with Modern Family. Then I saw this and I've never been so proud.

Russ Manley said...

David - that's so cool, I'm thinking your cousin is a straight guy, right? Whatever, I'd be very proud too.

Joey - um, so you're saying only gays who live in NYC are strong, brave, and beautiful, is that right bud? So all the rest of us should just, what, go jump in the ocean now? Sure sounds like an attitude problem to me, pardner, better have that worked on.

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