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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It Gets Better, #7

More of your Head Trucker's faves from the It Gets Better Project:

Your lesbian fairy godmothers have a special message of life and and love and laughter to share:

Kyle Dean Massey survived small-town Arkansas and made it to Broadway:

Funnyman Jim David escaped small-town Carolina and gives the raspberry to all that anti-gay talk:

This message from the cast of Wicked made your Head Trucker lose it for a moment, but just watch and feel empowered, will ya?  I sure as hell would have, if I could have seen this forty years ago as a scared, isolated teen.  Hell, I might even have tried out for drama club:

Comedian Mike Diamond spreads some New York sass all over his no-bullshit message:

Outwardly, Rich Tafel had everything going for him but inwardly the pain was growing, and he couldn't take it anymore.  But then he was stopped by something unexpected when he was at the point of killing himself over the gay he couldn't accept:

AfricanoBoi says just be yourself and don't let anyone bring you down - among other choice bits of outrageous and highly profane wisdom that's totally NSFW:

Voice director Chris Brown survived death threats, rape threats, and continual harassment in high school, but has a message of love and forgiveness, and acceptance of yourself:

Filmmaker Paul made two painful suicide attempts to escape the torment of high school hell, but lived to share a very moving message of hope and courage:

For Nate, the trouble started all the way back in kindergarten, but he went on to have a wonderful life, and tells how he did it:

And finally, even though the volume's a little low, can't resist posting this video by Australian stud Garry - who makes your Head Trucker's engine rev and shifts my stick big time.  Totally jealous of the awesome beard, major woof.  Oh, and um, he has an awesome message too, listen to it . . . I did try, honest, but it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying, with a full-volume fantasy playing in my head . . . grin.

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