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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It Gets Better

If you haven't checked out the many awesome videos posted at the project site, by celebrities and nobodies, old and young, male and female, trans and bi and straight and gay, every delicious flavor of our rainbow - you should.  All are wonderful, sending the message of life and love and hope to our little brothers and sisters who are living now in the hell we all went through once - and in most cases, in my generation anyway, had no help, no support, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  It's a really breathtaking turnout by the whole LGBT community - something to be damn proud of.

These videos would have been an enormous help to me forty years ago, and I'm so glad I've lived to see a day when we can reach out in this way to those hurting kids, and maybe save some beautiful young lives.

A few that your Head Trucker especially likes, for one reason or another.  Enjoy.

Gay Cop, Gay Marine:

Buck Angel:

Professor Stephen Sprinkle, Brite Divinity School:

Jeff Altergott:



Mark Snyder:

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