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Friday, October 8, 2010

More from It Gets Better

The It Gets Better Project is one of the best things that has ever happened to the LGBT community. Or rather I should say, one of the most beautiful things we together have ever done: sharing our stories, and reaching out to our little brothers and sisters, throwing them a lifesaving line of hope.

I'm blown away by the response, and the waves of caring coming from every corner of the community. This will save some young lives, I am sure; and it ought to rank up there with Stonewall and other major events in our history as a people. As it happens, I'm not ready for my closeup at the moment, and besides grandpa here cain't figger out how to work the video thingy on my laptop nohow; but I hope some of you boys will consider making and sharing a message over there.  Like Harvey said:  "You gotta give 'em hope." 

So do what you can, even if it's just spreading the word like I'm doing here.  Maybe share some of these with your straight friends or kin who haven't quite gotten the big picture yet.

Here's a few more videos your Head Trucker likes for one reason or another.

Suicide survivor with a short but powerful message for all the young ones still stuck in "godforsaken Texas":

Jay and Bryan, raising their kids in Northern California:

Bryan's love letter to anyone coming out, at any age:

Two Bills raising twins in eastern Tennessee:

Gary from Lynchburg, Virginia:

Our flannel-shirted sister says it gets better for rural dykes, too:

Jake Shears from Washington state:

Christopher from rural Kentucky:

Allison Weiss from Athens, Georgia:

Totally handsome leatherman with killer smile from California:

Drop-dead gorgeous in Zurich has the volume so low, I can't understand half of what he says . . . oh but hell, who cares?


Joey said...

It didn't get better for Dart. He used to be a handsome guy, and now he's got that totally doofus mustache.

Russ Manley said...

You have a problem with mustaches, son? How strange. Nothing wrong with it. I love it. The same mustache is very common among our cowboys in these parts, and very sexy.

But you ain't from Texas, are you? Too bad.

Joey said...

Okay, I apologize. It's just personal taste. I'm from NYC (born here) but I'd love to visit Texas. And of course cowboys are awesome. But I still think Dart's mustache looks terrible.

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