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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joel Burns, Anderson Cooper slam Arkansas Bully Clint McCance

Clint McCance and his buttboy friend

Last night, Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns responded to Clint McCance's abominable "I-wish-all-the-fags-would-die" rant:
Hate and violence born of ignorance must not be allowed to harm the youth of Midland, Arkansas or anywhere in America. Two weeks ago I shared at our Fort Worth City Council meeting that the words and attitudes expressed by those like Midland School Trustee Clint McCance result in misery and even death for America’s youth. At that council meeting and in the days since, I have asked people in communities across the nation to take responsibility and stand up to these hateful bullies. I encourage adults to tell our children they are whole, perfect, and complete. And I try to remind those bullied youth that things will get better and that they will make a lifetime of happy memories. I can assure you that changing the course of just one potentially lost life is worth our standing up to the bullies like Clint McCance. Trustee McCance is a failure as a responsible adult, an embarrassment to the good citizens of Midland, and he has betrayed his community’s trust.
Also last night, Anderson Cooper aired a sharply critical report about McCance, including an interview with Anthony Turner, the local resident who first brought McCance's remarks to the notice of the media:

In other developments, the Arkansas Times reports that the Midland School Board - most of whose members are avoiding the press - has disassociated itself from McCance's remarks; and the head of the Arkansas Department of Education has strongly condemned the statements, suggesting that McCance resign from the school board.

Also, a gay and lesbian group in Little Rock plans to protest at the Midland School District this morning.


Tuesday's Cowboy said...

Is that photo above really McCance with his finger sticking outta his pants like it's his cock, and his arm around that dude?

Russ Manley said...

YES. Posted by McCance himself at a http://www.flwoutdoors.com/community/photo/index.cfm?uid=130076&id=24673.

What does that tell you about the shithead?

Tuesday's Cowboy said...

Did he rub out the face of that dude too and strike through "his buttboy" too? What's that saying, "He who protests too much . . . .?" What a dumb muther fuckin' shithead and what a way to come out of the closet!

Tuesday's Cowboy said...

OK, I went to the site where you got this. Saw his wedding ring . . . wonder if his wife knows what he's doing when he's out with the guys, lol? They're always the last to know, but now she's gotta know. Got some explainin' to do McCance . . . you dumb shit!

Tuesday's Cowboy said...

Hey, I just sent Anderson Cooper the link to that photo, have you? We should all inundate Cooper with this photo and teach the fucker a lesson.

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