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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Joel Burns: It Gets Better, Even in Texas

Openly gay member of the Fort Worth City Council Joel Burns shared his moving story with tears in his eyes but got a standing ovation from his fellow councilors and the audience last night. Well worth watching the whole speech.

This has got give some of our Texas kids the hope and courage to hold on through the hard times. My hat's off to Joel, big time.

Ya know fellas, it's almost like we're all coming out of the closet all over again, all over the country. Never before have we been able to share our stories - our pain, our grief, our hope, our dreams - with everyone, everywhere. A monumental event in gay/queer history, maybe a turning point that should rank up there with Stonewall and other events.

Now, no one in the straight community can say, "I didn't know, I didn't realize what it was all about." All they have to do is listen - and learn. In the long run, this helps not only the hurting kids, but all of us.

A couple more excellent videos today from the It Gets Better Project:

Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire:

And Broadway says it gets better too:


dave said...

I posted this to Facebook yesterday and got many resposnses from a broad range of "friends" - this is a heroic speech.

Right, as long as we keep "speaking the truth in love" and not hiding it, they will learn.

Russ Manley said...

A wonderful speech, I agree - one which ought to resonate with many Texans, because he ain't no big-city furriner, but a reg'lar guy.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Russ, I am an aging (55) teacher librarian in a middle school in Canada...
I feel the need to hear more so that I can empathize and be aware...bullying has gotten out of control and I do not want a death on my watch...
I have a nephew and his partner who are raising 2 adopted children in Washington State and are constantly bombarded and openly attacked for being gay.

I hope that you do not mind if I visit...it might help me better understand...and a life might be saved.

a mild mannered hostess...from BC

Russ Manley said...

Welcome to the Blue Truck, HB, always glad to make Canadian friends; though I've never been there, I admire your country tremendously for supporting equal marriage and equal rights. And this American has never forgotten your help in times of crisis, such as the 1979 Iran hostage situation.

If you seek understanding, you can do no better than to browse through the hundreds of videos now posted at itgetsbetterproject.com. There you will see our faces, hear our stories - in all the variegated truth of what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, all the beautiful colors of our rainbow. Which is part of the very same spectrum as yours, actually, only some people think we have no right to cloud their prisms. I've posted dozens of great vids here on my blog already, but there are lots more to see over there, and I hope you will take some time to do so.

You have a lovely blog yourself. We're the same age, though it feels more like aged than aging here. Grin.

As stated, my writing is aimed at other mature gay men - my language often ain't ladylike - and since it's my blog, you can bet your boots I "flaunt my sexuality" every chance I get. Just like you straight people do all the time, unconsciously. Grin. But if all that don't bother you none, why hop in and take a ride wimme anytime. Glad to have you along.

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