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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It Gets Better, #6

More vids your Head Trucker likes from the It Gets Better Project, which now has its own website:

Squeaky-clean lesbian couple shares their story and their bloopers too:

Squeaky-clean gay couple tells how they met in college - something your Head Trucker dearly wished when he was in college that he would be able to say one day, looking back with a wistful smile - but it just didn't work out that way:

But to show that the queer community encompasses all varieties - just like the straight world, natch - we move from the scent of soap to the smell of sulfur here, but not to worry:  your "Get Out of Hell Free" card is now available:

Speaking of variety, your Head Trucker couldn't be half as fabulous as 22-year-old Townsend if you held a gun on me, but ain't it beautiful that he's free to be as fabulous as he wants to be:

Out here on the prairie, we learn early in a hard school not to let it show anymore'n we can hep it, so your Head Trucker can relate a little better to Will and Gerald in West Texas.  And yes, just like Will says in the video, wearing a wild shirt like he's got on is enough to get you pegged as queer in these parts.  I know you big-city fellas are a-rolling your eyes and saying "WTF?" right now, but it's true:

A gay-bashing got Josh out of high school hell and into the Harvey Milk School, which changed his life:

Brad was beaten and humiliated at school, and told he was guilty of the "unforgiveable sin" at church; but he survived a suicide attempt and has a beautiful, truly spiritual message here in this moving story that your Head Trucker can totally relate to:

Radio star Stephanie Miller, who just came out on-air a couple of months ago, says gay rights are a human issue now, not a political one:

Not sure why they recorded this in the men's room, it seems, instead of a studio, but here's a big bunch of hope beaming out from the New York City Gay Men's Chorus:

Pour mes lecteurs canadiens ou canadiennes, en particulier les francophones, Jean-Paul has a beautiful message - we are ultimately judged not by who we love, but by how we love:

And finally, this one blew your Head Trucker away.  Matthew Michael Brown, Mr. Gay San Diego 2010, shares his remarkable story of courage, transformation, and hope, one not to be missed:

And yes, your Head Trucker can even relate to playing with dolls and dresses too.  Now you know.  Whatever.

So can I have my fabulous card now, please?


dave said...

Wow, these are wonderful.

Here's your [[[[[[[[[Fabulous]]]]]]]]]] card...

Russ Manley said...

Awesome, been waitin' so long for one of these . . . thanks much dave, appreciate ya buddy.

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