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Monday, October 11, 2010

It Gets Better, #5

More vids your Head Trucker especially likes from the It Gets Better Project:

Deb Adler was criticized in fifth grade for not being ladylike:

Studly Eric survived high school in Anchorage, Alaska:

This young woman survived middle school hell and has the scars to prove it:

Sister Unity says the world is a great big place with room enough for you, just as you are:

Author Greg Gerard remembers a secret that got bigger and bigger, and nearly killed him:

Zoologist Christopher Schmitt, speaking from South Africa, recalls the time he was gay-bashed by a crowd of his peers at age 13 in Milwaukee:

Brian Gallivan was so closeted, he never went on a date with another guy till he was 24 - which was your Head Trucker's experience, too:

Singer-songwriter Jewel, an especial favorite of my ex-roommate's:

And Jewel's husband, nine-time rodeo world champion Ty Murray - a real cowboy.  The couple live on a little 2200-acre spread over by Stephenville:

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