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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fear and Loathing in East Texas - and Elsewhere

Just to show you that the next post about the Arkansas Asshole, Clint McCance, is not unusual at all in these parts, here's proof.  The NBC affilliate in Tyler, Texas - about a hundred miles southeast of Dallas - asked its viewers today, "Will the gays destroy America?"

The listener comments start at the 2:40 mark.  And no, the voices you hear are not from Central Casting - trust me, they're real, and that's what I'm surrounded by down here, guys.  My own people, my fellow Texans and Southerners - I'm ashamed to say.

Although there are, surprisingly, some supportive voices too.  I'm surprised the station included them.

Honk to Joe.My.God.

And in this context, it's fitting to note that by curious coincidence, today is the anniversary of Allen Schindler's stomping death at the hands of fellow U. S. Navy sailors in 1992:
Airman Apprentice Terry M. Helvey, who was a member of the ship's weather department (OA Division, Operations Department), stomped Schindler to death in a toilet in a park in Sasebo, Nagasaki. He was left lying on the bathroom floor until the Shore Patrol and the key witness to the incident carried out Schindler's body to the nearby Albuquerque Bridge. Schindler had "at least four fatal injuries to the head, chest, and abdomen," his head was crushed, ribs broken, and his penis cut, and he had "sneaker-tread marks stamped on his forehead and chest" destroying "every organ in his body" leaving behind a "nearly-unrecognizable corpse" that was only identifiable by the tattoo on his arm.

Any mother's son from Mari Fagel on Vimeo.

Don't think it can't happen here.  Don't think it can't happen to you, fucker.  It can, very easily.  Especially if the Tea Party comes to power.  They're already starting to stomp on people's heads.

I'm doing early voting tomorrow.  The Republicans will as usual win nearabouts every office, but by God I'm not going to just hand it all to them for free.

You are planning to vote in this election - aren't you?


Tuesday's Cowboy said...

Good ole Smith County, dumb muther fuckers. Graduated from Robert E. Lee Senior High School myself, know all about these Jew-hatin', N-hatin', Queer-hatin', U-Ain't-One-Of-Us-hatin', can't speak proper English ignernt born-again Christians hatin' dumb shits callin' in to that boot-strappin' Nazi radio talk host. Why am I not surprised?

Tuesday's Cowboy said...

Oh, I forgot: Because I'm queer, my brother, my sister and just about every other hetero I know have divorced and remarried and divorced again causing the family unit to break down, yeah because I'm queer; because I'm queer, we went to war in Iraq when we didn't need to and because I'm queer our nation is now financially bankrupt, yeah because I'm queer; because I'm queer, jobs are being exported to China and India even when our unemployment is hovering around 10%, yeah because I'm queer. Jesus of Nazareth NEVER, NEVER, NEVER talked about homosexuality--he talked about ADULTRY, not about me being queer. Jesus taught, "Money is the root of all evil," not about me being QUEER! What's causing the downfall of AMERICA? GREED! GREED! GREED! Not being QUEER! Take that you muther fuckin' hypocritical born again Christians and burn in your full of hate Christian hell while you're at it. God, that felt good. Thanks, pardner. Don't have to use it. Just needed to vent a little more cause this is starting to get ridiculous, how Sarah Palin-ignorant these people are!

Russ Manley said...

Understand exactly what you mean, buddy. The time is way past for all this assaholic hate in the name of Christ - but they just seem to be getting worse and worse ever day, don't they?

dave said...

Damn right, I'll be voting.

Let's try to listen more to the sympathetic voices after we tell these pitifully stupid and ignorant people exactly what they are.

Tuesday's Cowboy said...

Yeah, it is getting worse each day. And so I'm "Fair 'n Balanced," like that meshumid (traitor) Dick Morris who betrayed the best goddam Pres. we ever had, Bill Clinton . . . I'd like to bash my own religion, Judaism, while I'm at it. The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was not HOMOSEXUALITY, it was GREED and INHOSPITALITY and the Rabbis know this and teach this. WHY? Because THAT'S WHAT IT SAYS IN THE HEBREW BIBLE, YOU STUPID MUTHER FUCKIN' BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS! But they've twisted the meaning of the Levitical prohibition against "a man sleeping with a man as with a woman," which every rabbi knows was and is the prohibition against Israelites adopting the Canaanite Temple Cult Worship of Male Prostitution (yeah, cutting off your penis & nuts to look like you have a pussy was what that was all about & more) when they conquered the Promised Land! If homosexuality was the sin of Sodom, why didn't Lot give HIMSELF to the angry mob instead of HIS DAUGHTER? Yeah, some righteous shmuck Lot was to offer his DAUGHTER instead of HIMSELF! Sound like what a bunch of HOMOs would want for Lot to do--offer his DAUGHTER to an angry mob of QUEERS??? It's laughable. NO! The "angels" were uninvited FOREIGNERS in their midst, that's what the anger was all about. It's GREED! It's INHOSPITALITY! It's UNWELCOME UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS, to put it in our terms! These were the three sins of Sodom and they sound just like the three sins this Nation is committing by Greedy, HATE-FILLED BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS who don't want anyone here who doesn't walk-like, talk-like or act-like they do, aka, UNWELCOME, UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS. If this Nation is in a spiral downfall, IT"S NOT BECAUSE I'M QUEER, it's because OF THEM! That's the IRONY of all this to me! They can't see themselves as the problem because they are so busy finding a scapegoat to blame when they should be looking at themselves in the mirror. Again, I don't expect you to use any of this, but the born-agains use my People's text and our rabbis to support their own perversion of their own savior's teachings, at least when it's to their advantage. Otherwise, I'm going to burn in hell for all eternity for being Queer and for rejecting Jesus, howling!!!!!

David said...

Missouri is a red state too, and frankly I'm a little bit underwhelmed with our Fierce Advocate and every other democratic representative, but yeah, I'm voting, and I'm voting democrat.

Tuesday's Cowboy said...

Yeah, Russ, and the religion of my people, Judaism, hasn't helped matters either. The sin of Sodom was Greed, Inhospitality and treating Foreigners badly, aka, killing them. It wasn't homosexuality as many Christians believe and Jews know that this belief of Christians is contrary to the teaching of Moses our prophet. There's no such word in the Hebrew Scriptures for Sodomy or Sodomites--the Hebrw word that Christians use for Sodomites is "holy one." The Levitical prohibition against a "man sleeping with a man as with a woman" was the prohibition of adopting the Canaanite Cult of Male Prostitution, which to a large degree included men cutting off their entire genitals in order to appear to be as a woman. These male prostitutes were known as "holy ones." The rabbis know this, and that's why there is no record, ever, of a homosexual being killed under the Law of Moses. What's sickening to me is that these three sins of Sodom are the exact plagues that this nation is facing: Greed, being inhospitable to one another (the hatred out there is unbelievable) and not welcoming foreigners in our midst. When the born-agains look for their scapegoat, they should look at themselves in the mirror. Fortunately, Judaism has turned a chapter and is on the leading edge of undoing what the Sages erroneously taught us was the Levitical interpretation because we Jews know that the Nazis first went after the Gypsies (Foreigners), then the Queers and then, Mr. Glen Beck, the Nazis came after us. Thanks again, buddy. Don't expect you to use any of this.

FDeF said...

Thank you Tuesday's Cowboy! That felt good for me too. I can't believe the radio station even puts out a question like that for public comment.

FDeF said...

Yeah, I'll vote democratic, even though all politicians are proving to be unworthy of public trust. They are all mudslinging and hardly different from one another.

Russ Manley said...

I know, Frank. Unfortunately, the only practical, realistic choice in this country is between the half-ass and the fascist.

I've blogged before about the need for a true third party, a progressive one; but the way things are set up, I'm afraid it would only divide the liberal vote, so the uglies would be in power permanently.

I don't know what the answer is.

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