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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Drive: Summer in the City

A face only a mother could love.  Spastic flailing of arms, legs seemingly rooted to the stage.  Voice like an overloaded concrete mixer.  Joe Cocker has always had my vote for Most Unlikely Rock Star Ever.

And yet - contrary to all expectation - when he puts the whole package together, somehow, miraculously, it works.  So I'm sending this cover of a Lovin' Spoonful hit out to all my truckbuddies in the frozen sweltering Nawth today, where apparently New Yorkers are going nudist en masse now.  Enjoy.

BTW, the band shell and light show are absolutely drop-dead awesome, it really takes my breath away.  The notes on this video say this was recorded in Berlin in 1980, but I don't think so - the video is too good, and the lighting effects seem way too high-tech for that.


Staircase Witch said...

Somehow, when I lived in Chicago and we experienced our worst heat wave ever in 1995, with multiple days above 100 F and no air conditioning, neither I nor my nearly 3 million fellow Chicagoans felt the need to get naked in inappropriate public places. Just sayin'.

Russ Manley said...

Them New Yorkers is something else, ain't they? Grin.

Maybe that's the Next Big Thing.

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