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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rue's New York Apartment - For Sale

You might not expect this of your Head Trucker, but this old shitkicker sometimes likes to browse through the real estate ads for high-end NYC apartments and townhouses, just to admire the beauty of them.  I tend to favor traditional, well-crafted homes over modern or minimal, and another time I'll share some gems I've run across with you.

But right now, here's a sad but fascinating peek into Rue McClanahan's midtown apartment, now available if you got a hankering to live in the Big Apple.  Which I don't, not a bit - so have at it, fellas.  Here's the listing if you want to see the floorplan and all.

If I did live in New York City, I would damn sure want to have some outdoor space like our Oklahoma gal did.  Who wants to live in a birdhouse where you can't even go out and pee off the back porch if you feel like it?


Ray's Cowboy said...

Have to say it is a big place. only 2.5 million. I guess I will bring you over a house warming gift soon.

Stan said...

NYC Manhattan has become a place where only the filthy rich can afford to live now a days. Anyone that I knew who lived there has long left due to gentrification and cultural/ethnic genocide.

M. Pierre said...

finally got a chance to look at this. how quirky and fun. i like her love of color... I REALLY like her artwork. and id be more comfortable here than Joan's place for sure

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