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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Target Ain't People

Hahaha.  Your Head Trucker is an old codger who is not up for street protests anymore, but he throroughly admires the spunk and creativity of these young whippersnappers.  What a marvelous job they did - and left the onlookers smiling, and probably more sympathetic to the cause than they would be if the protesters had broken windows and torn up the merchandise.  Effective - memorable - nobody hurt.  Excellent.

And notice how quickly the little old lady shoppers get into the swing of it.  A charming way of doing things, my hat is off to the younger generation on this innovation.

Honk to Truthspew via Reluctant Rebel.


dave said...

God Bless these Kids

Stan said...

good for them! it's great to see the young folks doing this.

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