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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Funny but Sad

. . . the actions of overnight folk hero Steven Slater, I mean.  On the one hand, I can sympathize deeply:  dealing with the public is very stressful and can work your last nerve - especially when you've just been knocked in the head hard enough to leave a big bruise, and called a motherfucker just for doing your job.

(And why is it Slater's face is all over the news, and not that of the asshole who slammed him?)

I can understand very well how it is that a person can reach a breaking point.  And we've all lost it, one time or another, with our co-workers or customers, haven't we?  To a smaller or greater degree.

On the other hand, though Slater's story works great as a what-if joke . . . I think we should keep a sense of perspective.  Slater's response was very understandable, and even forgiveable - but not very admirable.  Not a model of how to behave.

I mean, it's not the way a man should act, is it?  Especially a trained pro of many years experience.

Grace under pressure is something to cultivate:  in a man, especially, much more admirable and attractive.

To be grown up - to be civilized - is to admire self-control more than instinct.  As an ideal, anyway.

Capt. Sullenberger, Steve Slater. 


Frank said...

Way too many consumers, especially those we consider "privileged" often treat others as their personal servants and with utter disrespect. Flight attendants put up with more than their share of crap from customers, I'm sure. I hope Slater's notoriety brings some attention to the fact that we all owe others who are doing their jobs our respect, especially those who are providing a service.

Russ Manley said...

I totally agree with everything you say.

If you treat people who do you a service like dirt, you haven't come very far from the dirt yourself.

Stan said...

If anyone has ever worked with dealing with the public they can understand the assholes that are out there. Sometimes these idiots can send you over the edge.

Doorman-Priest said...

It may not be the best way to behave, but to misbehave in such style. We've all wanted to surely?

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