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Friday, August 13, 2010

Please Remain Seated until the Aircraft Comes to a Complete Stop

There's a lot of premature ejaculation celebration going on over the Prop 8 ruling, seems to me like.

But guys, I'll bet you a hundred dollars there will be no gay marriages in California next week.  Or the week after.  Or for several years more.

If the Ninth Circuit doesn't issue a stay, then the Supreme Court surely will.  This is just too big a fucking deal to be decided for good and all by one district judge, and that's just the reality of things - and that is, I have no doubt, exactly the way the Supremes will see it.  It's a big, hairy Constitutional matter with major longterm ramifications on lots of things you may not have thought of yet - things that have nothing to do with marriage at all - not some small-town ordinance against jaywalking or whatever, ya know?  They may rule for us or against us, but they will have their say before the dust settles, sure as shootin'.

So - hold your hosses, boys, not your breath.  This ain't over yet, not by a long shot.

When it is, I'll bring the champagne and we'll all have a helluva great party.  But not before.

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