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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Joan Rivers' Townhouse - For Sale

I wasn't looking for another celebrity house sale, but I happened to stumble upon this item:  like lots of widowed grandmas, Joan wants to sell her house and move closer to the grandbabies in California.  So she's putting her little 3-bedroom place on the market now . . . asking a mere $25 million.

Joan was funny way back when, though not one of my particular favorites.  If it had ever crossed my mind to wonder what sort of place she lived in - and frankly, it never did - I would have assumed a nice apartment, a very nice one.  Just not fucking Versailles.

I had a writing teacher in college who postulated that your house and the way your furnish it is an outward reflection of your true inner self.  Which is why your Head Trucker ain't about to show you no pics of my digs, especially right now after a long, lazy summer.  You want to come over and visit, call me a week ahead of time so I can get the place cleaned up enough for company.

BTW - Long as we're on the subject of celebrities, your Head Trucker was surprised to learn that Mitch Miller just died at the age of 99.  Well God bless him, had no idea he was still with us after all these years. 

Jimmy Dean (who sang the megahit "Big John" back about 1960 and had a comedy/variety show later) and Fess Parker ("Daniel Boone was a man" . . . I was too young for the whole Davy Crockett thing) also both died in the past year.  I wasn't crazy about any of them but I do remember fondly enjoying their shows on TV - back when there were only 3 channels, period.  But time marches on.


Stan said...

Joans place is a wee bit over the top.
My brother David was born when that song "Davey Crockett" was on the radio back in the 50's. I still remember driving home from the hospital in Dad's '54 Bel Air.

dave said...

Here current autobiographical film gave me a new appreciation for her. Yep- the place is as over the top as her humor...

Russ Manley said...

I think this Louis Quinze shack - or is it Seize? - must reflect both her taste and her personality - over the top is so damn right, guys.

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