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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Plus ça change . . .

Another venerable tradition dumped in the wastebasket of history.  Now the NYT reports that Frenchwomen are turning all modest, and not going topless at the beach:
Coralie Kosiada, 23, has never gone topless on a public beach, and doesn't plan to. "Honestly, I don't really like women who show their breasts," she said, pursing her lips and recoiling slightly. "There are not that many nice-looking breasts, so why display them? And it's a generational question. Mostly 50-year-old women do it. It's kind of passé."
Tant pis for the straight boys.  But fortunately, French men are still going topless despite the shifting winds of fashion.  Voici:

Approuvez-vous ?


Frank said...

And the nude beaches are getting harder to find...c'est dommage.

dave said...

Ouais, Ouais - je suis très content!

Russ Manley said...

Le grin.

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