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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hat Trick in Connecticut

Governor Jodi Rell of Connecticut today signed into law a bill incoporating the ruling of that state's supreme court in the Kerrigan case last October, which made same-sex marriage legal in Connecticut. The bill Rell signed today, which was passed with bipartisan support in the state legislature, abolishes Connecticut civil unions as of October 2010, when all existing civil unions will be automatically converted to marriages.

Senator Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, said concerning the new law, "Our legislature and our governor now have ratified the Supreme Court's decision, and today all three branches of Connecticut's government speak with one voice: discrimination has no place in our state and will be eradicated wherever it appears."

Meanwhile, Texas Republicans, progressive as ever, continue to yearn for the glory days of 1861 and secession, by a majority of 51 percent.

Ah yes, back to the future with secession, states' rights, slavery, segregation, and sexism. Cut the onions and sodomy, please. What a country.

If only it wasn't so damn cold in Connecticut . . . .


Ray's Cowboy said...

Marriage for the gay after all, or did I read this wrong.

Russ Manley said...

In Connecticut, yes.

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