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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beau Soir

Seeing a Barbra Streisand CD offered by Joe.My.God for his "Swag Tuesday" giveaway somehow reminded me of her Classical Barbra album that I bought and enjoyed many years ago. I thought I'd share my favorite from that with you, a lovely piece to close out the evening.

Side note: One time in college I briefly dated a tenor, the darling of the music department, who starred in their productions at the college theater. One night I had him over to the house and played this album, thinking he would enjoy the classical pieces; but oh how he hooted and hollered and turned up his nose at that awful sound Barbra was making - oh that's terrible, she's not doing it right, he said, smirking and grinning like an ape. He did this with every single song on the album.

Which rather spoiled the evening for me.

At the end of that year, his degree completed, he went on to New York to have his big career. He never wrote or called. But it does give me a certain satisfaction to be able to report to you that after all these many years, everybody still knows and loves Barbra Streisand.

But nobody has ever heard of Jim B. again.

And so, my friends - good night.

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