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Monday, April 27, 2009

Do Ask, Do Tell

Trailer for the new documentary Outrage, by filmmaker Kirby Dick:

Link to editorial review of the film at the Washington Blade.

What do you think, guys - is outing a good thing? Is it ever justified? How out are you to the world you live in?

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Mareczku said...

I'm not that out at all. Ten years ago I wasn't even really out to myself. But now I realize that some strangers that I come across view me as gay from the way they react to me. I look back to some people in the past and understand why they treated me the way they did. I wonder home many people in high school thought I was gay. Most people didn't talk about it around me. I think people protected me. It was eye opening when I went to a Catholic site and expressed my opinions and have been called an activist, a sodomite, a heretic, etc. It reminded me about the saying that you never know what someone goes through until you walk in their shoes.

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