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Saturday, January 7, 2012

With You

A feature-length documentary has been made about Mark Bingham, the gay businessman and rugby player who died on Flight 93, and his mom, Alice Hoagland, who has turned his legacy into her life's work.  Here's the trailer:

Excerpt of an interview with Hoagland last summer:
When my son first told me, my subconscious mind just rejected it. I acknowledged and believed it on an intellectual level but it took me a while to really come to grips with it and accept it. And when I did, in a matter of months, I guess, I became grateful then that Mark had enough confidence in me and love for me and thought enough of me that he wanted me to be one of the first people in his life to know something very fundamental and true about himself. Even though he knew that my attitudes towards gays was vague and not accurate. I would say that I was vaguely antigay –imbued with stereotypes. I’ve had to fight through that. I am one of those lucky human beings that has done an about face and rejected a lie and embraced the truth. But I wish I had had the courage and goodness of heart to do that on my own.

But it took my son to do that for me by acknowledging, by telling me – challenging my stereotypes and telling me, “Mom, I’m gay.” Because of him, I have gone on a different journey in my life. And with all the important things in my life – and all the accomplishments that I have – most of them have been because I had a little boy who grew up to be a man who set me on an important life’s quest.


Frank said...

Looking forward to seeing it, thanks for the heads up.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Will have to see it. Sounds interesting.

Davis said...

Very touching an powerful

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