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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Comic Side of Marriage Equality

The Archie comic book series has had a gay character, Kevin Keller, for some time now. In the latest issue of Life with Archie, Kevin marries his fiance, Dr. Clay Walker.

Wow.  Your Head Trucker is speechless at the thought of how far we have come from the days when I was a kid reading those comics - and the only choice a guy had was between Betty and Veronica, or Ginger and Mary Ann. Some changes since, huh?

Psst:  Hey guys, I think I missed the last memo from Gay Headquarters, so clue me in: is this part of our United Nations plot to make half the world population homosexual within the next 20 years?

And where can I get my own gay marriage, is there like a sign-up sheet or something?

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