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Friday, January 20, 2012

Standard Time: Frenesi

Nothing much worth writing about at the moment, so here's a favorite tune of your Head Trucker's. First, the definitive 1940 recording by the great Artie Shaw and his orchestra:

Which I dearly love. But oh look how a great singer can infuse it with Latin flame, as demonstrated by the beautiful Linda Ronstadt:


Anonymous said...

She has a lovely voice and does a good rendition of Frenesí. But have you heard Perez Prado's?

Tell me Russ do you understand Spanish?


Russ Manley said...

Sadly, I don't, beyond a few basic phrases - though I did have one year of Spanish in junior high many long years ago, and later I had more of Latin and French. Sometimes I can get the gist of a simple newspaper article, but only un poquito.

I read somewhere that Ronstadt has no accent in Spanish, she certainly does a wonderful delivery of the song. Never heard of Prado, but I will check him out.

Anonymous said...

You heard correctly, her diction is impeccable and her delivery on target.


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