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Monday, January 30, 2012

Love Free or Die

Love Free or Die (a play on the state motto of New Hampshire) is a new documentary about Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, whose consecration in 2003 has effectively, if not formally, split the Anglican Communion into schism.  Gene attended his consecration wearing a bullet-proof vest and has lived with death threats every day since.  Even if you're not religious, you should admire his courage and his integrity in the face of overwhelming condemnation and vituperation from religious conservatives, both in and out of the Episcopal Church.

Filmmaker Macky Alston discusses his motivation for the documentary:

Gene gives a sermon during Gay Pride in New York City, entitled "Act of Commitment":

A heckler disrupts Gene's sermon during the Lambeth Conference in England, 2008 (Gene was pointedly disinvited from this gathering of all the Anglican bishops in the world, but went to England anyway to meet with supportive clergy and laity):

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