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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Can You Dig It?

I had no idea that there is a major, ongoing archaeological dig at "Historic Jamestowne," i.e., Jamestown, Virginia, site of the first English colony in North America.  Archeologists have dug up more than 2 million artifacts there - most of them tiny fragments, bits of wood or metal or bone or pottery that you and I wouldn't look twice at, but the experts are able to use them to construct a vivid picture of colonial life.  Check out these short clips of recent finds, and see more of them at the project's website.

Never been there myself, but it would be fascinating to spend a day having a looksee, there and at nearby Williamsburg. The earliest ancestor I've been able to trace in the direct male line was born about 1700 in Surry County, Va., which I believe is just south of there, across the river. Who knows, some of my ancestors may have helped build that colony in its early days.


Davis said...

Jamestown is a fascinating study. Many of the first settlers were from the upper classes leading to the failure of the earliest period as they were dandies who wouldn't dream of lifting their hands to do manual labor - most of what was needed. Maybe that's the case with your illustrious ancestors, Russ?!

Russ Manley said...

Who knows? Grin. Though I can tell you that everyone I've been able to dig up in that line so far were yeoman farmers living way to hell out in BFE - not a lord or lady in the bunch, though there was a sprinkling of surveyors, schoolteachers, and petty magistrates.

You want to be in the one percent, you really need to choose your ancestors carefully, is what I say.

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