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A N D N O W I T ' S T H E L A W O F T H E L A N D.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vivaldi: Largo from Winter

It's just how I feel right now: an old man alone at home on a cold winter's night.

But tomorrow night, the Pork Boys will have their delayed mini-Thanksgiving dinner, with a roasted hen and some luscious down-home trimmings, so that will be fun.


DeepBlue said...

Beautiful version. I copied the link to YouTube but couln't get which orchestra played... Would you know by any chance? Sounds like it's played on period instruments.

Have a great time with your buddies!

Love the new pic! *wink*

Davis said...

Always my favorite of the Seasons.

Russ Manley said...

Jon - *Wink* back at ya buddy. When I go to YT it says Itzhak Perlman/London Philharmonic. Try searching on Amazon for that.

Davis - Glad you like. Vivaldi is always good.

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