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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Duke at 90

Prince Philip in his studly younger days;
you can see why Elizabeth fell for him, can't you, boys?

Surely you fellas know that the Queen will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee next year - 60 years on the throne.  Your Head Trucker doesn't have too many heroes left to admire in this world, but my hat is off to Her Majesty for her quiet, gracious perseverance in what I think must be a thoroughly demanding, and often thankless, job.   To put it mildly.

Another time I will write more about the Queen but I just now came across this rather well done BBC program about her husband, who turned 90 last June, and the old boy is still going strong.   That's quite an achievement too, and I think that even if you don't really know much about him, you'll be impressed by watching this candid interview.  In Britain he has long been known for saying things that grate on some people's nerves occasionally, but your Head Trucker has an admiration for folks who - like Barney Frank and Alan Grayson on our side of the pond - aren't afraid to say where the cow bit the cabbage.  We like that kind of frankness a lot down here in Texas.


Bonus: For more on the South Sea islanders who think Philip is a god, see the Wikipedia article.


Red-Hot-Chilli said...

... but the Duke is also a bit of a prick ... just look at all those more than slightly racist remarks he made over the years!!!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Have to say I love the Queen and have to agree with you. Very Thanksless job, but she took anoath and she feels very much so about it. No Matter what.

Love live the Queen.

FDeF said...

I followed the story until "where the cow bit the cabbage"???? Exactly where was that now? And how is it admirable to say so?

Russ Manley said...

RHC - He may well be a prick sometimes but don't we all have a father, uncle, or grandpa who says the same kind of things? I'm willing to cut the Duke some slack, being from another generation; and he's done a lot of good in his unelected job.

Ray - Yes, it's hard to think of many politicians who have done as well as the Queen, for so very long.

Frank - Just one of our colorful Texas expressions meaning "tell it like it is" - but very amusing when you think about it. Grin.

Davis said...

The Duke of Edinburgh isn't the best the royal family has to offer -But his odd parentage and upbringing was probably the cause of many of his foibles.

Nonetheless, he was a studly young man and it's obvious why HM was smitten.

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