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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pop Tops: It's the Little Things

Way back when your Head Trucker was young and still thinking he was supposed to grow up to be straight, he had a major crush on Cher. Here's a wonderful clip I found that I've never seen before, from 1967. Just look at how lovely Mrs. Bono is at 21 in that babydoll dress, so young and spirited and naturally beautiful - who wouldn't fall for a girl like that?

I made a little playlist of Cher's songs from the sixties, if you want to listen to more. Just open this video in YouTube, and you'll see the playlist at the bottom of your screen.


Stan said...

I've always been a fan. She's still going strong. She should be more picky about the movies she does though "Burlesque" was a complete disaster!

Ray's Cowboy said...

I fully agree with you onCher. I was in love with her thinking I was going to meet a woman like that. Or Carol Burnett, Or Bewitch (Elizabeth). I do disagree with Stan about "Burlesque" I love her in it. I just wished they gave her more songs to do.

Thanks for the song and memories.

FDeF said...

There is certainly something about Cher that makes her attractive to many gay men. Some might classify her as a genuine diva, but I don't think she really fits that description. She was definitely some kind of Alpha Female, at least as far as Sonny was concerned. She was/is definitely Fabulous and pretty liberal. I think she is a feminist who is not afraid to be feminine. She also sang "I got you babe" which included you and me.

I was once infatuated with a classmate in college who looked a bit like Cher and shared many of her qualities.

Russ Manley said...

Beauty and attitude - which is a kind of courage, you know - are what we all seem to gravitate towards. Cher has both by the truckload. Though I have to say, I wish she had remained more natural and less trashy as years went by. There will always be a special place in my heart for her younger self, as you saw in this video.

Appreciate all your comments, guys.

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