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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Design for Dreaming

Corvette Sting Ray circa 1965 from a Chevrolet photo gallery at the Daily Beast

Your Head Trucker notes that Chevrolet celebrated its 100th anniversary last month.  To help them celebrate, here's a few films made by General Motors in years past, maybe you'll get a kick out of them like I did.

Chevrolet Leader News from 1938, one of a series of public-relations films featuring several short, amusing items, including a pipe-smoking cow:

Here's your chance to see what 1955 looked like in these TV commercials from Chevrolet:

And this highly innovative - if very, um, campy - song-and-dance number comes from the 1956 GM Motorama held in New York, featuring production models, concept cars, haute couture, and Frigidaire's Kitchen of the Future:


Stan said...

We had a '54 Belair torquise with a white top. Never been a Chevy guy myself but my Dad was for years. Happy Birthday Chevy!

Russ Manley said...

Your dad knew a good thing when he saw it. I've owned five vehicles - all Chevies.

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