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Friday, December 2, 2011

Classic Shacks: Les Rochers

Would a pink house be too gay, ya think?

I've always wanted a little seaside cottage in the south of France.  This would do nicely.  And it's a steal at only $100 million.

Though of course, it would have to be redecorated, totally.  Who wants to help, in exchange for room and board next summer?

Be sure to use the full screen on this one, guys.

(Note:  "Infamous" does not mean wonderful, grand, or even famous.  I hear this assinine usage, as in the above video, more and more these days.  What the hell is wrong with people who can't understand this simple distinction?  I ask you.)


Ultra Dave said...

Yep, I could tolerate pink, if there are lots of naked men running around to distract me!

FDeF said...

Making guests work in exchange for room & board? You will become infamous for such practices.

Stan said...

I'm available! I'd love to help out.
I love pink stucco houses. Florida is full of them. My dream with some friends (who unfortunately are no longer with us) dreamed of buying a pink stucco motel and all of us retiring in it.

Russ Manley said...

Why don't y'all come over and visit with me, we'll work if we feel like it, and just lounge around the pool naked if we don't. Grin.

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