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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clara's Last Video

You kitchen queens out there, if you haven't yet seen any of Clara Cannucciari's videos on Great Depression cooking - how appropriate for our time - scoot on over to YouTube and check them out. Over the last few years, her filmmaker grandson has recorded a number of short, simple recipes from Clara, who at 96 has decided that this will be her last serving-up of TV cookery.

I can't blame her for that, but I will miss her happy little stories and demonstrations. Even at near the century mark, she has a youthful sense of humor and a certain grace that comes from a life well lived.

Watch more of Clara's videos on her YouTube channel, or go to her website to order them on DVD or get the cookbook.


Greg said...

Those are great videos. I like that they're not just about the cooking but provide a sense of what life was like during the Great Depression. (And the recipes are simple enough that even I can make them!)

Russ Manley said...

Yeah, and she's a trip too, a cool lady.

Frank said...

I love Clara. She reminds me of family, like my aunt who is 96 ("Sometimes I feel like I'm 100", she says) and despite shingles and other aches and pains, she still cooks for her and her husband, makes Christmas cookies and occasionally goes to the casino.

Clara inspired me to make cucidati - the Sicilian fig cookies that take a ton of ingredients. And she has many dishes that I grew up eating.

I think her words "God put me here for a reason. I don't know what it is, but he probably does." really sums it up.

Davis said...

She is great!

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